Have you ever wondered why planes and cars have different types of seat belts? Let us know the reason for this.

If you have traveled in both a car and a plane, then you will know that it is very important to wear a seat belt in both the car and the plane. Car and plane seat belts can save your life in case of an accident. However, people are often not seen to be cautious about seat belts. Many times people do not consider it necessary to wear a seat belt while traveling in a car and put their lives in danger during an accident.

It is very important to wear seat belt in both car and plane but have you ever wondered why seat belt of car and plane are different. The seat belt in the car comes from above our shoulders and is attached to the side hook. Whereas in the plane, the seat belt is brought from above our waist and is attached to the side hook. Let us know why the seat belt of the plane is different from the car.

To wear the seat belt of the plane, we bring the seat belt from above the waist and put it on the side. This happens because the plane moves up and down in the air in the event of turbulence. In such a situation, the vest belt helps you to stay in one place on your seat. The second reason is that to install shoulder seat belts, more space is required between the seats and there is not much space in the seats of the plane.

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