Today we are going to tell you about that country or micronation, whose total population is only 30 people. The country also has its own currency.

On the occasion of World Population Day, the UN said in its Population Report that the world’s population is close to reaching 8 billion. It has also been estimated in this report that by the next year 2023, India will overtake China to become the most populous country in the world. However, there are many countries in the world that are struggling with low population. Many countries including Bulgaria, Lithuania are also facing the population decline. However, today we are going to tell you about that country or micronation, which is the smallest country in the world in terms of area and population.

what is micronation

The country we are going to talk about is a micro country. Micro countries are called those countries which are very small, even UNO does not recognize them as countries. One such nation is in the US state of Nevada, which people know as ‘Republic of Molossia’. It is the only sovereign country within the borders of any state in the world. It is known as the Republic of Molossia and has everything you would expect from a nation.

Republic of Molossia is very small

Molossia covers less than two acres of land. It is situated on the banks of the Carson River in Dayton, Nevada. The country was established in 1977 and was originally called the Grand Republic of Waldstein. Its name was changed to the Kingdom of Molossia after almost 20 years in 1998.

Who is the ruler of Molossia

The ruler of Molossia is Kevin Baugh, who founded this nation with a friend. Baugh can be seen representing the nation at various events. The Friendship Gateway, the Bank of Kickassia and Molossian government offices are present in the Republic of Molossia. Visitors can visit Molossia but will have to first check the availability on the website.

Language, currency and population

The currency of Molossia is Velora. The national language here is English. However, people also speak in Esperanto and Spanish. According to the information available on the country’s website, the total population of the country is 30 people. Apart from this, 4 dogs also live in the country. The total literacy of the country is 75 percent.

It is officially the smallest country

The former Republic of Molossia is not yet recognized internationally. For this reason, Vatican City is officially the smallest country in the world, with an area of ​​0.44 square kilometers and a population of 800.

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