People love to have dogs, due to which problems arise for the people living in their neighborhood. In the last few days, many such incidents have come to the fore where dogs attacked humans. To keep a dog, it is necessary that when he is young, then he should be raised in such a way that he does not become an attacker.

In the last few days, cases of dogs biting humans have been reported from many places. An 80-year-old woman was bitten by a pitbull in Lucknow, after which she died. At the same time, incidents of attacks by dogs have also been reported from some societies of Delhi-NCR, after which the debate has started as to how to take care of dogs and understand their behavior. Here we are going to tell you about the ways by which you will know what to do, so that the dogs do not attack.

Give training from childhood
Many people keep a pet dog, but do not spend it on their care. Dogs should be trained from childhood. Nowadays you will find trainers in most areas, who can train your dogs well for a low fee. In this, he is given training about what he has to cut and what not. At the same time, following your instructions is also a part of training, which proves to be very beneficial when the dog grows old.

Make the dog social from an early age
Nervous or frightened dogs are more likely to attack unexpectedly and act against normal behavior. In such a situation, if you take the dog outside in childhood, then there will be less chance of fear in normal social situations. Whenever he sees a new person, he will not attack him.

Get acquainted with other dogs, noises etc.
Make your dog regularly exposed to various situations like other dogs, loud noises, big machines, bicycles or any such things. These things can create fear in the dog, so that it can attack. If you keep on making the dog face-to-face from an early age, then gradually the fear will come out of him and he will not attack.

Teach to be gentle with human skin
Dogs do not know how soft human skin is and how to deal with it. Many times they are playing, but even after that their teeth get pricked on the skin, which creates a risk of disease like rabies. In this way, from childhood, the dog needs to be taught how to behave whenever it comes in contact with humans. He should not consider the human skin as a thing to bite and touch his mouth only lightly. For this, from an early age, you have to play with the dog and he will have to lightly put your hand in his mouth. However, take care that he does not erode his teeth. After a few days you will see that he will learn to behave with human skin.

do not punish cruelly
Sometimes your dog does some such things, which can make you angry. Sometimes he damages an important item kept in the house, and sometimes he cuts off your slippers. Because of this, if you want to punish him, then definitely give it, but keep in mind that do not treat him cruelly. Don’t beat him at all. Using a stick can make your dog’s nature even more attacking.

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