Mangalyaan is not dead. is alive. Just like people live in other humans by donating organs. This is not a fantasy. This is the truth. There is a scientific reason for this as well. Many parts of Mangalyaan are still being used in modern and upgraded form in many satellites of the country. We will tell you about those parts.

Mangalyaan i.e. Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) had only five payloads. Whose weight was only 15 kg. Their work was to investigate the geographical, outer layers, atmospheric processes, surface temperature etc. of Mars. Modern technologies of that time were applied in Mangalyaan. So that from far away he can get the movement of Mars. To check his health. But the technology of many parts of Mangalyaan i.e. Payloads has been used in many satellites left after that.

Mangalyaan had a payload Thermal Infrared Imaging Spectrometer. That is, a kind of thermal imaging camera. Its job is that the camera which can sense the heat present at any place. It is commonly called Thermal Infrared Camera (TIR). It works at night. Because every living thing on earth has a temperature.

On the basis of temperature, the shape of that object or organism is known. No matter how much it is hidden under the ground. or in a house. Or in a thick iron bunker. Its temperature can be measured. This camera is being used in those satellites of our country which are used for Remote Sensing Satellites.

Remote sensing means sensing something from a distance. find or identify. The satellites in which this technology is being used include meteorological satellites. There are cartography satellites such as EOS or Microsat. Oceansat are satellites to understand marine biology. There are satellites of the Cartosat series sent for land use and mapping. Apart from this, thermal infrared imaging sensors are also installed in the satellites of defense matters. Or are there cameras.

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