More than 4000+ ODI matches and 1000+ T20 matches have been played all over the world. Just imagine the time that it takes to calculate the stats of teams, and players of all those matches manually. All thanks to data analytics and related technologies such as computer vision and machine learning has evolved so much that it is now possible to assess a team’s performance, figure out the key problem areas, and even keep a check on the competition through various in-depth analysis. Data analytics in sports performance is only getting bigger and impactful with time, be it cricket, football, or any other game. For all of this to happen, companies extract tons of raw data from various matches, relevant to their analysis with the help of innovative technologies such as, computer vision and ML.

At present, databases, NLP, and AI are the backbones of all the tech industries. The databases can store infinite data, wherein the AI calculates everything just in minutes. These data can be processed in any type of format by using the data processing technology. It’s easier to get the player career stats, team career stats, player versus team performance, player performance, best player, worst player, most runs, most six, most wickets, and what not through such technology!  In a layman’s language, sports analytics is the process of analyzing statistics through mathematical models. Sports analytics consists of mammoth datasets from all they players and the teams that are stored and processed for deep insights.

How the history looked like!

If we could see the glimpse of tech development history, API was actually introduced in the 1970s but was extensively used initially from 2004 by companies like Salesforce, eBay, and Amazon. After realizing the potential of the technology, many startups came up with their own ideas. One such idea was sports data. The sports data does not just store the players and team data.  There are 10000+ sports applications worldwide that can rely on data processing.

The present day

While many companies did find it hectic to work under uncertain conditions like during the outburst of COVID-19, the market still seems to up-bring the thirst of creating something newer at every point of time. Fortunately, the Indian market is flooded with hype around Cricket, and as per data every innovation in sports remains stable and is a success when a company touches the field of Cricket. Other major sports such as football, kabaddi, etc. always misses the hit and we need to bring them under limelight as these sports also have good followers and they too have a high level of engagement and impact on its the audience. 

In the earlier days, data could be stored in SQL DB whereas in recent times with the advancement in technology, data can be transferred via REST-API, Firebase, SocketIO, Webhook and many other data delivery methods to mention. All of this makes the processing part less complex and also helps companies save time on these data processing exercises.

Wearable technology devices are another important aspect of sports analytics and it has become quintessential for sportspeople. Players and athletes have been very fond of such tracking devices (most commonly smart watches) and appreciate the way it helps them gain insights with regards to their stamina, agility, performance and overall physical health. Such insights help them improve their performance at an individual level too.

The road ahead…

If we could visualize the future by comparing the past and present developments, Sports technology is predicted to become a $10 billion market worldwide by the year 2024, according to industry estimates. Although the development has been progressing very gradually in India, more consistency is seen in the overall growth curve over the past 4 to 5 years. According to industry tracker SportsTechX, more than 63 percent of the 360 operational sports tech companies in India were founded since the year 2015.

In the coming years, there might be innovations made to gauge players’ stamina level or the capability to win a match just in a wink which is also a much efficient tech solution that would also support in improving the abilities of players much before the match and for the audience to predict if he/she would be relying on the players’ efforts. Probably it’s time for everyone to wait and see all the wonders that AI would make to transform the world by providing data in the best possible medium.

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Anto Binish Kaspar, Founder and CEO, Roanuz Softwares Private Limited

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