Hanna Ellis, who lives in Kochi, has topped the CBSE 12th Disability Category with 496 marks out of 500. Apart from being a YouTuber, he is also a singer, writer and motivational speaker. He has got a full scholarship from the University located in Indiana, US for higher education.

‘Success does not come in a day, but if you are determined, it definitely comes a day.’ Similar is the story of Hannah Alice Simon from Kochi. Hanna has topped the disability category in CBSE class 12 with 496 marks out of 500. 19-year-old Hannah is a YouTuber, a singer, a motivational speaker and author.

Hannah Ellis Simon, who lives in Kochi, Kerala, has microphthalmia, a condition that makes her unable to see. Despite this, his talent is commendable. Hannah studies in Rajgiri Christ Jayanti Public School ‘Reglur’ located in Kochi. Despite not being able to see, the 19-year-old never let her physical disability drive her passion. Hannah recently wrote a book called ‘Welcome Home’.

Mother first learned Braille script and then taught it to daughter

Hannah’s mother is a teacher, who first learned Braille script herself and then taught her daughter to read. According to a report in the English news website Indian Express, Hannah’s father, Simon, is a legal manager in a private firm. It is said that when we inquired about blind schools, we came to know that Hannah can study there only till class 10th. But we did not want him to drop out later. So my wife Lisa learned Braille herself and taught it to Hannah.

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